Hello and Welcome to My Kitchen


img 0110-2aHello my name is Lee Allison, and welcome to my kitchen!

Here at The Social Skillet we offer you the opportunity to interact with the chef (me!), learn new dishes, meet new people and gain valuable new kitchen skills... all from your own kitchen.

Thanks to some innovative and extremely user-friendly videoconferencing software we'll be able to chat and laugh together while learning new cooking techniques. Its like having your own personal chef-tutor! The whole time we'll be interacting just as if we were visiting each other's kitchens. 

You can join me and cook fantastic new meals from your kitchen at home, knowing that you have a steady hand leading you through the intricacies of the dish. During the course of the classes I'll be taking your questions, explaining techniques and talking about ingredients, all in a no-pressure environment that you will feel at home in, because you are at home.




Getting Started

go-buttonHere's a list of several things you need to know to join us in our Cooking Schools or Skills Sessions. It's super easy and should take you no less than ten minutes to setup. You'll need a web-connected laptop that has a webcamera and mic attached to it. Once you have that fire up your browser and follow along...

You'll need to have an account (free!!) on Google+. This is simple, just go to plus.google.com and create an account if you don't already have a Google account, otherwise you're already mostly done. Now either create a new circle or add me to an existing circle. When it's time to start the class watch your stream for the notice that "Lee Allison is Hanging out!"



Southwestern Home Fries



Tasty, tasty home fries. Hard to find a better comfort food and almost impossible to find one that is more versatile than this one! Want to learn how easy these are? How simple? Follow our simple guide below and in less than thirty minutes you can go from a cold kitchen to serving. Nummy!


And the text version...

Ahhh, beautiful, tasty home fries. Who doesn’t love delicious fries straight off the diner griddle? Well, what if you don’t have a diner nearby, or just hate the thought of someone else having all the fun cooking. Then make these bad boys at home! Is it easy? How about only dirtying up a knife, cutting board, two skillets, a spatula and whatever plates you plan on eating from. Of course, if you eat all these yourself that’s one less plate.

Yeah, we are talking a plate of these babies right here. Dust them with a little of your hometown-favorite hot sauce and wash down with a tasty lager of choice. Yeah, a body could do worse than these. You want some? Hungry yet? Well, here we go...

Step 1: Assemble Stuff

1. 2-3lbs Idaho potatoes
2. 1 white onion
3. 2 cloves garlic
4. 1/2 cup frozen corn
5. Mushrooms (optional)
6. 2 tsp smokey paprika 1 tsp cumin Salt and pepper to taste

Step 2: Chop All The Things! Peel and wash the spuds then reduce the buggers to 1” batons. Chop those into 1/4” slices so that you get the traditional flat square of potato. Do all the potatoes then put them into a hot non-stick skillet that has 1/2 tbl spoon of butter in it.

Step 3: Light ‘Em Up! Take two non-stick skillets, trust me, use non-stick here. Oil one and get it almost smoking hot, like the girlfriend you wish you had. Don’t worry about the smaller skillet just yet.

Step 4: Sweet, Sweet Starch Set a timer for 20 minutes. Use a spatula to toss these every 3-4 minutes. While that is cooking we move on to chopping the rest of our things.

Onions, cool them in the freezer to keep from crying like a baby. Then chop them into a fine dice (small pieces) that will fry up fast. Also make a paste from the two garlic cloves or just use garlic powder. It’s all good.

Step 5: Aromatics Toss all of the spices into the potatoes and add a little more butter if needed. About now the house should smell amazing and your neighbors should start showing up looking like they need to be fed. Toss a teaspoon of butter into the second pan and light that fire too.

Step 6: Soooo Corny OK, the jokes are getting worse, we should wrap this up. When the timer you set back in Step 4 goes off add the corn to the smaller skillet and brown it. Once its about this golden add it to the potatoes.

Step 7: Aromatics II Add a little more butter to the second skillet and toss the onions and garlic in. Mmmmm. Let those onions brown like you’re on vacation in the Bahamas then toss them into the main skillet.

The Finale Mmmmmmmmmm..... Southwestern Home Fries for you and your loved ones. Good stuff!